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16 Feb

Mentoring Drives Continued Success


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With new mortgage rules coming into force on a regular basis over the past few years, it has never been more important for mortgage brokers to sharpen their skills and ensure they have access to multiple solutions to provide the very best mortgage advice and choices to their clients.

At Dominion Lending Centres Clarity Mortgages, we offer both new brokers and seasoned professionals access to a broad range of expertise so they can mentor with, and learn from, veterans and specialists who know their way around multiple lending solutions.

Patricia Kirkham, Dennis Peterson and Judy Conrad are available to coach others within the team concerning everything it takes to succeed in today’s brokering reality – including how to structure a successful deal with A, alternative and private lenders. In addition, commercial expert Subhash Manro provides insight into the commercial realm and what works best for clients and lenders alike.

In today’s brokering world with ‘stress test’ qualification rules, one-size-fits-all mortgage products provided by traditional A lenders aren’t as reliable as they once were, and borrowers want to be assured that they have an experienced and diverse mortgage broker negotiating on their behalf.

Team approach

Dominion Lending Centres Clarity Mortgages believes that learning as a team helps fine-tune everyone’s skills. This includes running deal scenarios by each other and discussing best practices that work for specific lending scenarios.

While mortgage education provides a general understanding of the business, mentoring and ongoing education are keys to success for new brokers. There’s no doubt that a reliable mentor can mean the difference between brokering failure and success, so it’s important to seek out a brokerage that’s willing to go the extra mile for its team members.

A mentor shortens the learning curve for newer brokers by sharing experiences gained from real-life scenarios, working on live deals, and teaching beyond what’s offered in a structured textbook or classroom learning environment.

Experienced brokers can also benefit from refresher information on solutions they haven’t put to use in their businesses for a while, as well as by discussing ways to help clients who may no longer qualify within traditional means thanks to stress testing requirements.

Have questions about how mentoring can help streamline your brokering success? Answers are just a call or email away!

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